Newest vacuum truck 2017

Delivered today, the Mercedes Benz Arocs 3751 / RSP ESE 6!
This 2nd new vacuum truck of 2017 is slightly larger than the previously supplied MAN TGS / RSP ESE 6 RD.
Both trucks are ready to tackle all your jobs relating to suction technology.

The benefits of Meuva's suction technology?

  • Excavation damage is prevented.
  • Space saving in the workplace.
  • They are applicable in difficult to reach locations.
  • They can process heavily contaminated soil / hazardous substances.
  • Sometimes the use of vacuum trucks does not seem the cheapest method, but in many cases it is due to efficiency.

    For more information contact us on:
    Tel: +31 (0)10 - 495 06 02
    Email: info@meuvabv.nl

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