Fifty years ago, on 14 March 1966, the foundation of what would grow to become today's Meuva was laid. Mr Meurs and Mrs Val combined their names into one and created the name that the company still carries today. The company started as a temporary employment agency specialising in construction, with a modest number of employees and clients, and has since grown into one of the country's most prominent asbestos and disassembly companies, specialising in asbestos removal, soil remediation, disassembly and vacuum technique. Our headquarters is in Rotterdam in the Dutch province of Zuid-Holland.

Meuva specialises in and is certified for (petro)chemical and industrial work. Whether it's work on power plants and huge industrial boilers at refineries or small specialist work such as removing gaskets, we can do it all. Our strategy of investing in technology and innovation helps us stay on top and be able to satisfy our clients' needs.

Providing professional and customer-oriented service by:

  • Satisfying our clients' needs in terms of asbestos removal, soil remediation, disassembly and vacuum technique;
  • Putting customer intimacy first and foremost;
  • Performing our services in a safe, environmentally friendly and top quality manner;
  • Making use of only skilled and dedicated employees to perform those services.

Continually improving our service provision processes in order to be the best and most highly esteemed asbestos and disassembly company in the Netherlands.

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