The packaging unit

Flexible, fast and safe: those are the 3 core elements of our Packaging Unit, developed in-house. This unit can handle the entire processing of waste material containing asbestos on site, according to SC-530 norms. Manual work is unavoidable in asbestos removal, but the Packaging Unit allows Meuva to automise a large portion of the work that would normally be handled manually.

The Packaging Unit is a huge trailer consisting of several compartments. The attached 15 cm diameter hose sucks the product into the first compartment, the unclean room. The use of HEPA filters ensures that no hazardous fibres, such as asbestos fibres or silica dust, can end up in the open air. The way the big bag is filled is comparable to a decontamination procedure, as per SC-530. The silo is emptied in a product-specific big bag, which is then equipped with an airtight seal and transported to the next compartment.

In the second compartment, the washing room, the big bag is hosed down by a sprinkler system, washing away any fibres that may have ended up on the outside.

In the final stage of the process, the big bag is transported to the clean room, where a forklift can then lift the bag out of the Packaging Unit and put it in a container.

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