Disassembly of boilers

This project on 4 of Shell Pernis' huge boilers is an excellent example of a project where innovation played a major part.

Even in the preparatory stages, Meuva had to take into account the following:

  • The presence of active steam turbines 20 metres away;
  • 28-bar high-pressure gas pipes in the vicinity;
  • Multiple safety zones;
  • Hard to reach locations;
  • Unknown factory parts in the soil;
  • Unknown pollution/contamination;
  • The presence of asbestos in inaccessible locations;
  • Missing drawings

After additional research was carried out, we also found asbestos and a high concentration of sulphur. We had to drastically modify our method; we needed to put in asbestos containment units and equip our employees with additional personal protective equipment.

In the end, we decided to suspend the boilers in portals, equipped with strand jackets. We then cut away the boilers in sections, working our way up from the bottom, under special asbestos removal conditions. Due to the various active installations in the vicinity, we also needed to work in a vibration-free fashion.

Project overview
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