Tank cleaning

Meuva has developed a special remote-controlled ATEX/EX crane especially for cleaning tanks.

Cleaning the inside of tanks is business as usual for Meuva. Usually, a traditional cleaning method is used, featuring high-pressure water jets and vacuum trucks. However, this method does not always suffice.

In this instance, the tank was still filled with product (long residue), as is common in the industry. Due to the thick coating and the rigid structure, the traditional cleaning method would not suffice. However, this ATEX/EX crane that we have developed, powered by a hydro pack and operated by a driver with an independent air supply, allows Meuva to satisfy our clients' needs even in complicated cases like this one.

Meuva used the following method:

  • We first created a door sheet via water jet cutting, to allow the crane to be placed in the tank.
  • We then disassembled the internal spirals of the tank and their supports.
  • The long residue was then excavated.
  • Outside of the tank, we created several zones to be able to separately store long residue and steel. These materials were then transported to a licensed processor.

This method allowed us to remove many dozens of tonnes of product, and soon clear the tank to our client for maintenance work.

Project overview
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