Swapping out convection units

Meuva swapped out 2 convection units and 2 furnace roofs for Shell.

The convection units, consisting of steel casings and 12 cm worth of sprayed refractory brickwork. Meuva used high-pressure water jet cutting to be able to cut through the steel and the refractory lining in one go. By using a set of rails equipped with a modified electrically powered cutting unit, we were able to cut through the convection parts in one go with a water pressure of 3500 bar.

In total, Meuva cut through 4 sections and separated 4 at their flange connections. We did the latter in an asbestos containment unit, using hydraulic jacks. The average weight of the sections was 35t.

Removing the furnace roofs was also done under special asbestos containment conditions. By creating a containment zone on the outside of the roof and the inside of the furnace, we were able to raise and remove the roof entirely within the closed containment system.

Project overview
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