Removal of sprayed asbestos coating

In an old office building, Meuva rid 5 support beams of sprayed asbestos (>60% blue asbestos).


An SC-540 certified inventory agency did most of the preparatory work, including determining the type of asbestos, the risk classification, and the locations.

Meuva then created a constructive floor in the stairwell and used plastic foil and tape to tape down the entire room and make it airtight to prevent any people and the environment outside of the removal area from being exposed to asbestos fibres.

The asbestos removal was completed by our employees using an independent air supply, and the asbestos was immediately packaged within the containment area. Then, every inch of the space was cleaned using special equipment.

The final inspection, carried out by a lab technician from a Sterlab-certified laboratory, was a success, meaning that the space had been cleaned sufficiently to allow people to enter without wearing respiratory protection.

Project overview
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