Water cutting of collomns

Meuva uses the 'water cutting' technique when the situation requires it. Flammable substances are often still present in industrial objects. In this case, water cutting is the perfect dismantling solution.

There are various techniques for cutting through ferrous and non-ferrous metals. A cutting torch can be used, for example, in which highly flammable gas is combined with oxygen. In certain cases, however, it is not desirable to work with high temperatures, for example in the event of a fire hazard from chemical reactions.

Meuva regularly uses the 'water cutting' technique in such cases. A 'cold' process, in which no heat is released and there is no risk of sparks. In addition, no hazardous substances are released. Due to the enormous pressure, the water still cuts effortlessly through hard materials.

In the photos below, 2 columns of 220 tonnes each with a wall thickness of approximately 10 cm are dismantled by water cutting. The choice of water cutting lies in the presence of 'potentially' combustible substances that are still present in the collomns.

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