Asbestos removal

The word 'asbestos' often goes hand in hand with the term 'life-threatening'. As one of the first specialised asbestos disposers of the Netherlands, Meuva handles asbestos safely and carefully. Our SC-530 certificate proves that we meet all of the strict requirements for asbestos removal. On top of that, all employees assigned to asbestos-related projects also possess one of the individual certificates required by Dutch law, either Expert Asbestos Supervisor (DTA) or Expert Asbestos Disposer (DAV).

Meuva is optimally certified, but what is it that truly sets us apart?
Meuva has what is probably the largest asbestos removal crew in the Netherlands. With our many DTA and DAV-certified employees, we are capable of handling even the biggest projects. Our company specialises in (petro)chemistry and industry, tackling with ease the asbestos removal of complex installations, boilers, power plants, and the like. Our employees have enjoyed multidisciplinary training (including trainings such as 'Safely moving loads' and 'Working safely in enclosed spaces') and thus can be deployed for a wide range of purposes.

An innovation we have developed in-house, the Packaging Unit, allows us to take flexibility and safety to the next level. This huge trailer allows us to handle the entire processing of waste material containing asbestos on site, according to SC-530 norms, with a large portion of the manual work handled by automised processes instead. To learn more about how this Packaging Unit works, please go here.

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