Vacuum technique

Our soil is growing increasingly crowded with cables, pipes, and roots, and more and more often, these get damaged during excavation work, with disastrous consequences: entire cities are left without power for hours on end, trees die, etc., not to mention the legal claims that may result from such events.

Traditional manual excavation is often not an option: it is too slow, too inefficient, and in many cases, no longer allowed by the current occupational health and safety legislation.

What are the advantages of Meuva's vacuum technique?

  • Prevention of excavation damage
  • Creates space savings on site
  • Can be used in hard-to-reach locations
  • Can process highly contaminated soil / hazardous substances

The use of vacuum trucks may seem expensive, but is often actually the cheapest method there is, thanks to the high efficiency rate.

We have a regenerable OdorOxidizer for adsorption of contaminated air, to use in case of chemical pollution. A filter in the machine adsorbs all of the toxins and clean air comes out the other side.

The Meuva vacuum trucks are also deployable as blowing trucks, to do work such as blowing gravel onto roofs, blowing sand underneath foundations, and blowing distillation column hoops back into place.

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