About Meuva

Our company

Fifty-five years ago, on 14 March 1966, the foundation was laid for Meuva. Mr Meurs and Ms Val merged their names and created the name that is in use to this day. Meuva started out as an employment agency for technical personnel in the industrial sector. Since 1998, Meuva has mainly focused on asbestos removal and demolition projects for large industrial clients. We have now grown into one of the leading dismantling and remediation companies in the country, specialising in asbestos remediation, disassembly, soil remediation and (water) cutting and suction technology.

Meuva is both specialised and certified in (petro)chemical and industrial activities. From power plants, industrial boiler houses at refineries, to small specialist work such as gasket removal, we are up to any challenge.

We continuously invest in technology and innovation and we continue to improve our services, with the result that we can fully unburden our clients and offer the highest quality and safety. This is how we grew into the company we are today, at the top of the market.



Our mission is to create customer intimacy by providing professional and service-oriented services in a safe, environmentally conscious and high-quality manner. We do this by unburdening the customer in the field of asbestos remediation, soil remediation, disassembly and (water) cutting and suction technology by our expert and committed employees.


To continuously improve our services and thus become the most valuable industrial service provider in the field of asbestos, disassembly and soil quality in the Netherlands and beyond. That is our vision!

To achieve this, it is important to keep increasing our knowledge and skills, with the result that we can continue to offer our customers the highest quality and safety. This is achieved through innovative projects, personnel training, expansion of high-quality equipment and collaboration with companies within the MSO Group.


Excellent safety performance

The Health, Safety, Environment and Quality policy is a process that is never finished. That is why Meuva is committed to continuously developing and improving in order to keep increasing the level of safety.

Training centre

With its own training centre, Meuva makes it possible to transfer the knowledge of experienced employees to colleagues and to keep everyone up to date with regard to laws and regulations.


Expertise is demonstrated by following the right processes and performing work optimally. However, especially in the (petro)chemical industry, it is essential to be able to demonstrate this expertise through certification.


Health, safety, environment and quality are in Meuva's DNA. A safe working environment and compliance with laws and regulations are basic elements for all activities. Meuva strives for an incident-free working environment, always and everywhere.

The management system, based on the ISO 9001 standard, aims to control business processes according to local legal requirements. Meuva has a team of specialists for the development, implementation and evaluation of the HSEQ management system. The whole team is responsible for compliance with the guidelines

Part of the MSO Group

Being part of the MSO Group is all about strengthening each other. Meuva, Schotte and Oranje combine knowledge and equipment to be able to offer you as a client a complete solution. By joining forces in knowledge, experience and services, we fully unburden clients from demolition to preparation of sites in the industrial and civil sector. We proactively contribute to a circular economy by investing in technology and innovation, in order to return more and more of the demolition materials released to the chain with a focus on quality.