CO2 ladder

In the context of corporate social responsibility, it was decided to set up the CO2 performance ladder in order to gain better insight into our CO2 emissions. By making our CO2 footprint, our main emission sources have been mapped.

Meuva communicates its energy policy, CO2 footprint and reduction targets internally and externally every six months. Meuva’s level of CO2 reduction meets the requirements set by the SKAO/CO2 performance ladder for level 3.

A: Insight

Meuva has converted its own energy consumption into CO2 emissions in order to gain more insight into our CO2 emissions per energy flow. This insight into CO2 emissions makes it possible to set effective targets. The CO2 footprint was first calculated in 2019. The footprint is recalculated every six months and communicated internally and externally.

B: Reduction

Meuva has set reduction targets to reduce our CO2 emissions effectively. Reduction measures have been drawn up to achieve this objective. These are assessed for their effectiveness every six months.

C: Communication

Meuva communicates internally and externally every six months about the energy reduction policy with regard to insight, reduction and participation in an initiative.

D: Participation

Meuva actively participates in initiatives related to the reduction of CO2 in the sector and beyond. Currently, that is the following initiative: Initiatief CO2 Reductie KAM-Adviseur Holland.

Would you like more general information about the CO2 performance ladder? You can find it on the website of Stichting Klimaatvriendelijk Aanbesteden en Ondernemen (SKAO).

Download the documents below regarding the CO2 reduction policy of Meuva BV.