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17 08

Meuva is now sponsoring Jeroen Kampschreur

Meuva is now sponsoring Jeroen Kampschreur, the world-renowned sit-skier. Jeroen has a physical disability, but does not allow it to get him down. He has several World Cup medals and is in the running for going to the Paralympic Games. Although Meuva and Jeroen’s activities are completely different, they share their aim of striving to be the best.
For more information about Jeroen’s activities, go to his website:

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17 08

Our own safety stand at Shell Pernis

Meuva has erected its own safety stand at the Shell Pernis Safety Centre. Employees that are going to perform work on the Shell Pernis premises should be informed of all the safety risks involved. At the Safety Centre, the refinery’s permanent safety training centre, various topics are addressed to inform employees about the risks on the premises. Meuva’s stand focuses on the risks of asbestos.

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