Meuva is specialised and certified in (petro)chemical and industrial activities. We unburden our industrial clients in the field of asbestos remediation, soil remediation, disassembly, (water) cutting and suction technology. From the demolition of power plants, industrial boiler houses and refineries to small specialist work. We continuously improve our services, with the result that we can offer our clients the highest quality and safety.


Health, safety, environment and quality are in Meuva's DNA. We strive for an incident-free work environment, always and everywhere.


Meuva unburdens clients from A to Z. From the preliminary phase to delivery, we offer everything under one roof. As a client, you thus have one clear point of contact throughout the entire process.

Responsible entrepreneurship

Meuva takes responsibility for the future. Everything we do, we do very consciously and with an eye for people, society and the environment.


We do not shy away from complex projects, on the contrary. Meuva is happy to work with you to find innovative and safe methods to organise the work as efficiently as possible.


Fifty years ago, on 14 March 1966, the foundation was laid for Meuva. Mr Meurs and Ms Val merged their names and created the name that is in use to this day. Meuva started out as an employment agency for technical personnel in the industrial sector. Since 1998, Meuva has focused on asbestos removal and demolition projects for large industrial clients. We have now grown into one of the leading asbestos and disassembly companies in the country, specialising in asbestos removal, soil remediation, dismantling and vacuum technology.


At Meuva we work on spectacular projects and that produces beautiful images. In addition, we like to use innovative working methods to set up a project as safely and efficiently as possible. We have already done this for various projects, see a selection of our work here.


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