Asbestos remediation

Safe and professional asbestos removal

Asbestos is often mentioned in the same breath as 'harmful'. Meuva was one of the first expert asbestos removers in the Netherlands. We handle asbestos safely and carefully. The Asbestos Removal Process Certificate shows that we meet all requirements for asbestos remediation. Of course, our professionals are fully DTA (Deskundig Toezichthouder Asbest or Expert Asbestos Supervisor) and DAV (Deskundig Asbestverwijderaar or Expert Asbestos Remover) certified.



Our knowledge and experience with asbestos is extensive. With numerous DTA-ers and DAV-ers and an extensive stock of equipment, we can handle the most complex projects. Meuva specialises in the (petro)chemical and industrial sectors, where installations, boiler houses and power plants, among other things, do not present any obstacle to the professional and safe remediation of asbestos. Our employees have received multidisciplinary training. They are widely applicable, partly thanks to training courses such as 'Working on flange connections', 'Safe moving of loads' and 'Working safely in confined spaces'.


Our packaging unit is an innovation developed in-house. It enables us to take flexibility and safety to an even higher level. With this trailer, the entire processing of asbestos-containing material can take place at the project location, in accordance with the standards of the Asbestos Removal Process Certificate. A large part of the manual work is automated thanks to this packaging unit.

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Asbest Unit