Soil remediation

Soil remediation

Eliminating soil risks is one of the biggest challenges in environmental pollution. Living on contaminated soil can cause health damage. Think, for example, of released (volatile) substances in the air or heavy metals in the drinking water supply.

Meuva is certified according to the assessment guideline [SIKB 7000]. With our well-trained professionals and the right equipment, we offer all possibilities and techniques to eliminate soil health risks.


Safe and thoughtful

In order to optimally comply with safety and health aspects, Meuva has specialists in-house with the DLP certificate and the KVP certificate. In addition, our personnel are trained in laws and regulations (for example CROW publication 132, Working Conditions Act, decision and policy rules). In addition to well-trained personnel, Meuva has an extensive range of machinery. Various vacuum trucks are at your disposal, as well as various excavators and an ADR-certified vehicle for processing and transporting hazardous substances.

More information about soil and ground remediation?

Our employees have years of experience with soil and ground remediation and are happy to help you with any questions about contaminated soil.