Soil remediation

One of the biggest problems in the field of environmental contamination is the soil. Living on contaminated soil can be very damaging to one's health – for example, volatile substances may be released into the air, and heavy metals can seep into the water supply.

Meuva is certified according to the SIKB 7000 directive and possesses all of the necessary equipment and staff to eliminate these health risks that may come with contaminated soil.

Safe and careful
In order to ensure that we meet all of the relevant health and safety requirements, Meuva employs specialists with a DLP (Expert Project Supervisor) certificate. Moreover, our staff are trained regarding relevant legislation and regulations (such as the CROW knowledge platform's 132rd issue on contaminated soil and groundwater, the Dutch occupational health and safety act, and other relevant decisions and policies). Meuva also possesses a wide range of machinery, such as various vacuum trucks, including an ADR-certified truck for processing and transporting hazardous substances, and various excavators.

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