Suction technology

Preventing damages

The soil in the Netherlands is becoming increasingly dense with cables, pipes and roots. As a result, it regularly happens that they are damaged during excavation work, with all the consequences that entails. Streets, neighbourhoods and sometimes even cities are without electricity and/or water for a long time, resulting in inconvenience and possible damage claims.

Traditional hand digging is not a solution in many cases. Digging with a shovel is inefficient, often no longer permitted under current health and safety legislation, and dangerous in places where there are many cables/pipes in the ground.

Meuva offers the solution with suction technology. These are the benefits of applying suction technology:

  • Excavation damage is prevented.
  • More space in the workplace.
  • Can be used in difficult places.
  • Suitable for contaminated soil and hazardous substances.
  • Cost saving through efficiency.

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Meuva has a regenerating OdorOxidizer that absorbs polluted air to remove chemical contamination. A filter absorbs the toxic substances, after which the emission consists of clean air.

Meuva vacuum trucks can also be used as blower trucks. Some examples of this type of work are; blowing gravel on roofs, blowing sand under foundations and blowing back pall rings in distillation columns.

Want more information about suction technology?

Our employees have specialist experience with suction technology and are ready to help you with your questions about suction technology.