"Disassembly is in our DNA." Disassembly is the main activity that Meuva focused on way back when the company was first founded. Much of the traditional manual work is now done instead by hydraulic cranes equipped with metal cutters, sorting grapples and hammers, for efficiency reasons.

Our perfect blend of experience, expertise, and an excellent safety record makes Meuva the perfect partner for complex (petro)chemical projects. So whether you need

  • Work done between high-pressure gas pipes;
  • Work done between live operational power turbines;
  • Disassembling without causing vibrations;
  • Or innovative solutions for the most complex situations,

Meuva is your ideal partner.

Since Meuva was founded in 1966, we have worked on many different constructions both in the Netherlands and abroad. We possess the SVMS-007 certificate, proving that we are experts at disassembly.

Broadly oriented
Although our main focus is on (petro)chemistry and industry, Meuva is the regular contractor for several refineries and does very diverse work. As such, we work with a wide range of machines as well, from small excavators and electric robots to massive 70,000 kg cranes.

Stagnation equals regression, even in the world of disassembly. In 2016, Meuva developed a remote-controlled ATEX/EX crane that is specially developed for areas that are hard to reach and may present an explosion hazard, such as in tanks. To learn more about how this machine works, please go here.

Meuva is innovative not only in terms of machinery, but also in terms of the techniques we use. To see an example thereof, such as a disassembly project we did on 4 boilers on the Shell Pernis premises, please go here.

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