Raw materials bank

Sustainable solutions

Sustainable entrepreneurship is anchored in our daily thinking and actions. Everything we do, we do very consciously and with an eye for people, society and the environment.

Meuva has made high-quality reuse of demolition and residual materials part of its mission. All materials released that are suitable for reuse together form our raw materials bank. We already separate released materials at the source. We then process the majority on site or at our recycling location in Rotterdam into secondary raw material or building materials. We keep the entire process in-house and thus guarantee quality. And not without result, because in the Netherlands, we are a forerunner in the field of sustainability and innovation!

We are always looking for sustainable solutions within our capabilities. Together with others. Now and in the future. That is what we call 'sustainable partnership'.


High-quality reuse

Almost all materials are eligible for high-quality reuse. Concrete rubble is given a new lease of life as concrete granulate, a secondary raw material for new concrete. Wood is given a new use as chipboard. Materials such as sand-lime brick, ferrous metals, glass, roof bitumen and PVC are also excellent for reuse.

Smart techniques

Our own crushing plant processes concrete and mixed rubble into granulates in various grades, where possible even on site. The granulate can often even be applied on site or in the immediate vicinity. This helps us save transport costs and reduce CO2 emissions.

Towards 100 percent

The limits of high-value reuse have not yet been reached. That is why we are always proactively looking for innovative ways to expand our raw materials bank. To further optimise recycling and bring materials back into the circle as high as possible. Our aim is to ultimately reuse 100 percent of all materials released.

Would you like more information about our raw materials bank?

Our employees can tell you more about our raw materials bank and are happy to help you with your questions.